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If you are looking for Tree Removal in Richmond or in a surrounding community in Central Virginia, you have come to the right place! At Aman Arbor and Yard, we provide prompt and quality tree removal services to homeowners and commercial properties throughout Greater Richmond. For several decades, Aman Arbor and Yard’s experienced team of Arborists have helped thousands of customers remove trees from their properties for aesthetic and safety purposes. If you are looking for the best in Tree Removal Richmond has to offer, Aman Arbor and Yard is your go-to company for all things Tree and Yard.

Our approach to Tree Removal always starts with Safety First. We want to make sure that anyone or anything within proximity of a compromised tree is protected. That is why we have developed a tried and tested systematic approach to tree cutting that eliminates all risks. One that provides a quick, seamless, and safe way of removing a tree or trees from your property.

We also take an education-first approach. We believe this is important so that you can have a confident understanding of what to expect and when to expect things to be done so we add little disruption to your daily routine. We deliver an above and beyond customer service experience and our signature is to leave the areas where the tree or trees were removed cleaner than what they were before we arrived. Your 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed. Because we do not just provide a Tree Removal Service or simply want to earn your business. We want to build a rapport and relationship with you. This way you can lean on us any time you may need Tree Removal, Tree Services, or have any Landscaping Service needs in the future.

Interested in learning more about Aman Arbor Tree Removal? Give us a call! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and are ready to help any time at a moment’s notice. Ask about our Free Estimates and In-Person Consultation when you call today!

Commercial and Residential Tree Removal in Richmond VA
Expert Arborists Preparing to Cut Down a Tree in Richmond VA

When is it time to Cut a Tree Down?

Tree Removal Service

Do you have a Tree that looks like the slightest gust of wind is going to cause it to topple over? While it may not be obvious in every case, it is always a wise decision to hire a professional whenever it may be time to consider a Tree Removal Service for your home or business.

Aside from the obvious, we want to provide you with six warning signs that will tip you off if it is time to cut a tree down. These clues, if discovered, require that you should call expert arborists like those at Aman Arbor and Yard. If you spot these warning signs, we can dispatch a Tree Removal Expert out to your home or business right away.

The Signs To Be Aware Of When a Tree Needs To Come Down

When You Need To Hire An Arborist To Cut A Tree Down

If you are constantly having to remove dead branches and fallen limbs from your yard you should have a Tree Removal Professional come out and perform an inspection. Deal and fallen branches are usually a sign that the tree has experienced a deficiency in nutrients and may be suffering from infestation or disease. Having an arborist provide an inspection can help you identify whether the problem can be removed without cutting the tree down, or if it is time to have the entire tree removed.

If you find noticeable areas where the bark is missing from the tree, gashing, or any indentations, this is a warning sign that should not be ignored. Referred to as a “Canker”, which is similar to a sore, these types of signs can indicate a weakening and stronger likelihood of a break preparing to happen. The larger the area and closer to the base of the tree, the greater chances that the tree needs removal asap.
If you live or work on a property that has a body of water such as a creek, lake, or retention pond take note of the trees next to the water. Roots can become waterlogged if constantly submerged in water. Causing decay can decrease the structural stability of the foundation and the tree itself which can cause it to fall.

Any time you find Fungus growth, it is often a sign that whatever it may be growing on is dying and decaying. This is especially so for trees. Therefore, if you see fungus growing on or near the roots or growing around the base of the tree, this is a sign that the roots are rotting. Fungus growth is a clear and identifiable way to spot tree decay and a potentially compromised root structure. Making the tree more susceptible to uprooting and falling over any time there are wind or inclement weather conditions.

If you notice that the soil and ground near and around the tree are beginning to raise this is an impending danger that requires attention right away. This is often a sign that the tree is beginning to uproot and either needs to be stabilized with Tree Cabling or requires a Tree Company to provide Tree Removal Services asap.

This is probably the most obvious sign that you should pay heed to if you see it happening on your trees. Large cracks at the trunk, no matter where this is happening, is a sign that the tree is beginning to split. This means that the trunk has become compromised and is in danger of snapping and falling onto whatever is beneath it. If you spot cracks in the trunk, you need to call a Tree Removal Company today.

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What is Involved in Cutting Down a Tree?

Tree Removal: The Aman Arbor and Yard Process

Whenever you have made a decision that a tree needs to be removed, whether for aesthetic or safety reasons, give us a call. Aman Arbor and Yard are Richmond’s Choice Tree Removal Company and we can help! We take tremendous pride in our approach to removing trees from your property so that we deliver a seamless experience and quality service. But take meticulous stride to do the job right the first time around and leave the area where our services were performed cleaner than what they were before our Tree Removal Crews have arrived.

To accomplish this we have developed a process that is timely, organized, and focused on removing the tree or trees from your property in an easy and simple way.

How the Pros Remove Trees

The Art and Science to Tree Removal

Before we begin, it is important to plan and scope out the area where the tree will come down. Making sure that the area is clear of any property and provide a path for where the tree will lay when we cut it down. Estimating the height and sections of the tree we will remove a piece at a time can ensure our crews and equipment are able to surgically remove the tree without posing any danger or threat to your property or individuals living or working nearby.

Our Arborists will have performed an inspection and taken note of things such as how the tree leans naturally and other telltales that can help us determine the best direction for the tree to come down. This also takes into account areas of decay or cracking that need to be factored in that may otherwise change the trajectory of where a tree comes down when cut. By creating a plan for this and performing precision cuts to the right places on the tree, we can easily and safely prepare for the next steps of the tree removal process.

Safety is everything and we need to make sure that you, your family, and our crews are never in harm’s way. That is why we prepare for the unexpected so that we are not caught flat-footed if something happens to go awry. We identify obstacles around and along the way from the radius of the tree so that if something does not go according to plan we are prepared and ready to respond.

As our Tree Removal Team ascend the tree we will begin surgically removing branches and limbs that are securely fastened before the cut is made. That way we can hoist these sections down in phases to prevent violent and unexpected crashing to the yard below. Doing so also ensures that anyone passing by below is not caught off guard or injured by free-falling debris.

As with the Branches and Limbs, we also perform surgical cuts to the trunk and begin removing these sections in chunks. Making sure they are also safely secured and lowered to the ground level to prevent surprises and potential injury to those below. As we begin removing these chunks we will work our way down to an acceptable height to where when we make our cuts at the base level we can safely predict and avoid the tree coming down onto any property or persons within its vicinity.

Once our team has scoped out the area and has identified an ideal direction for where we want the tree to fall, we will apply the Under Cut. This is a V-Shaped Cut at a 45-degree angle made at the bottom of the side you want the tree to fall on. This cut will be roughly a quarter of the trees’ diameter in depth. After the Under Cut is made, we then start the Back Cut. This is simply moving to the opposite side of the tree and cutting straight through about two inches above where the Under Cut was made. This should release the stress of the tree trunk and cause it to fall in the direction we intended.

It is customary for any Tree Removal Company to bellow the infamous “Timber” whenever a Tree is cut down. Also used for safety reasons so that those nearby know that the remaining part of the tree is on its way down to the ground. This way our crew and anyone nearby are not caught below the falling tree and severely injured or killed. So, if you hear our crew yelling Timber, the tree is on its way down.

After the Tree has been hauled off and the Stump Removal process is complete it is now time for us to clean up. We take great pride in making sure that the area where we were is left cleaner than the way we found it when our Tree Removal Crew first arrived. After the cleanup process is completed, we will perform a final walk-through of the area to make sure nothing is left behind and that the area meets our standards.

How Do I Hire the Right Arborists for the Job?

Qualifying The Right Richmond Tree Removal Company

  • Do they Carry Liability Insurance and Works Compensation Insurance? And if so, can this be produced by their Insurance Company so that you know it is both legitimate and current?
  • Reputation is key to making the right choice. Look at their work in your community and see what others have to say about their experience working with their tree removal company.
  • If they are very cheap, buyer beware. This is usually a sign of inexperience and you do not want to pay the difference if something happens to go awry.
  • Are they too expensive? Do not let a smooth-talking salesman get the best of you. If the price feels exorbitantly higher than others, you are probably paying more than you should.
  • How do I know if it is too low or too high? Get multiple estimates and talk to the business to understand what you are buying. If it doesn’t make sense, then they are not the right fit.
  • Compare Apples to Apples. Make sure when you compare estimates that you are not simply looking at price. Look at the services offered and go with the one that feels like the best deal for you.
  • Avoid the Door-to-Door Tree Contractors. These are often individuals who have not established a legitimate business, have obtained licensing or insurance, and usually perform shoddy work.
  • Be cautious after a disaster. This is the time when scammers call, pose as a reputable company, collect your money, and disappear without performing the service.
  • Pay when Satisfied. This should go without saying, but if someone performs Tree Removal Services and leaves a wake of disaster behind them, damaged property, or worse. Don’t pay.

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When Removing a Tree may be Covered by Insurance

Tree Removal: Insurance Claim

Tree Removal is not a cheap project for most. Naturally, when we feel a tree poses a threat to our property and those who live or work nearby, we believe this constitutes a claim to have insurance cover the cost. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Having your Insurance Company pay for Tree Removal only happens after the tree has come down and either landed on a car, a home, or other structural property that is covered by your insurance. However, you should not wait to have your insurance company step in after the tree has fallen onto your property and caused damage. Because the result may also include injury and even death.

If you need assistance paying to get a tree removed, seek out a loan or a credit card to pay for it if you do not have an emergency cash stash for these sorts of situations. Getting a loan or a new credit card is always a better alternative than having to pay hospital bills or worse.

Tree Fallen Onto a Car in Richmond VA
Arborist Trimming a Tree in Richmond VA

What will it Cost Me to Remove a Tree?

Tree Removal: Cost

The number one question about Tree Removal is what is the Tree Removal Cost? Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question because there are quite a bit of factors that go into play here. Depending on the number of trees, their size, their condition, and a variety of variables. Including safety hazards like whether the tree is near a power line that requires additional layers of safety measures to be included in the process.

The good news is that Aman Arbor and Yard is competitively priced and offers the best rate and suite of services that are included with our Tree Removal Services. We offer Free Estimates and will even come to your home or business to give you a Free In-Person Consultation. That way you not only get a Free Quote, but you also get an Expert Arborist on site who will walk you through the process so you know what to expect and how much it will cost without any obligation to buy.

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