Winter Landscaping in Richmond, Virginia

Tips for Winter Lawn Care That Encourage Rebirth

The Truth Behind a Plant’s Life Cycle During Winter Months

The Purpose of Winter Landscaping in Richmond, VA

Winter climates like those in Virginia get very cold and usually involve a ton of snow and ice. Native residents realize it’s not ideal for most grass, flowers, or trees. However, it is essential to understand that winter landscaping in Richmond, VA, encourages a strong and healthy lawn for spring. In fact, contrary to popular belief, grass does not die in the winter. Instead, it goes dormant as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop. Eventually, it turns brown, but not because it is dead. 

Desiccation is a process that happens primarily in windy areas. It creates a scenario where the plant slowly loses moisture it cannot replace. As a result, the grass turns brown but will spring to life once its roots thaw and humidity returns. During this period, they cease growth and reserve that energy for when the season ends and they begin to grow again. 

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Frosty grass in the garden on winter in Richmond VA

It is More Than an Activity Solely for Spring and Summer

Winter Lawn Care Stereotypes in Richmond, Virginia

Although the greenery in your yard stops growing during Richmond winters, it still needs lawn care. Landscaping can take place throughout every season and gives your home a well-manicured aesthetic all year round. When you know what tasks to handle during winter months, you are guaranteed to have the best landscaping on the block. Continuing to water, keeping the areas clean, and protecting them from the snow are fantastic ways to enrich the overall health of your landscaping.

Over the next few minutes, travel to the land of winter lawn care in Richmond as we show you the do’s and don’ts of maintaining a healthy landscape.

Tips for Virginia Winter Landscaping that Keep on Giving

Winter Lawn Care in Richmond, VA, and How to Do It Right

There are a few key factors for proper lawn care during the winter in Richmond. As temperatures drop, it is easy to assume that the grass is dead and trees are asleep for the winter. As discussed earlier, this assumption is incorrect. Landscaping should be adequately maintained if you want it to return in the spring happy and healthy. The following tips for lawn care are tried-and-true methods for maintaining the healthiest winter landscaping in Richmond, Virginia.

Avoiding Dehydration in the Winter Months

A person suffering through a heat wave during the dead of summer is much more likely to become dehydrated than someone during the winter months. Still, colder weather does not make them immune to their need for H2O. Even though people don’t need as much water during the winter, we can still dehydrate. Your foliage is very similar.

With more than 15 years of tree removal and lawn care services, Aman Arbor and Yard has seen many grounds damaged by drought in the harsh winters of Richmond, VA. To prevent this from happening, take advantage of mild temperatures and weather conditions. Give your shrubbery their much-needed soaks, denied by reduced moisture and freezing temperatures. While your greenery does not need as much water during the winter, you’ll be amazed by the benefits of one or two monthly soaking.

The goal is to keep your Richmond winter landscaping happy and healthy, so be diligent in checking the weather. Never water your lawn, trees, or garden before a freeze. Doing so will cause damage and add stress to the plant’s already complex winter process.

Keeping the Grounds Neat and Clean

A vital aspect of winter lawn care in Richmond, Virginia, involves keeping the grounds clear. This applies to your lawn, trees, shrubbery, and dormant plants. 

To get started, you will want to remove leaves as often as possible– usually no less than once a week. Allowing leaves to collect encourages pests to create a home under your lawn. It also slowly suffocates the foliage reducing the already limited light and oxygen. The best way to remove leaves during winter is with a leaf blower rather than a rake. Unfortunately, growth is susceptible during this time. It is common for dead spots to appear due to aggressive raking or stepping on frozen grass. 

Additionally, you should not allow snow to accumulate for an extended time. Snow and ice will also suffocate your grass and may cause tree branches to break if left unattended. Pushing a broom upward to gently knock snow off trees is an excellent lawn care practice for Virginian winters. It can save you money in the long run by reducing the risk of Branch damage to your house, yard, and flower beds.

Pruning Dead Weight 

Winter landscaping in Richmond, VA, would not be complete without talking about trimming. It may seem counterproductive, but the winter season is the preferred time for this task. 

Several benefits make winter the best time for pruning trees. Above all, the most beneficial aspect is pinpointing dead wood and branches. When you take the initiative, nature does not have to identify them for you. Dead tree limbs with snow buildup or experiencing extreme weather create hazards. When– not if–they break, harm comes to you, your family, or your property. 

Trimming in the winter is also easier because there’s no foliage to obscure your view. While some species of trees and shrubs you should not prune in the winter, an experienced arborist– like the ones at Aman Arbor and Yard– can quickly identify them for you.

Your first priority should be removing the dead or dying tree branches. Later you can return for the unwanted and overgrown pieces you let lie the first time. In this way, you can beautify your landscaping before the foliage returns while also preparing for spring by allowing them to capture more light and oxygen. 

Similarly, you should maintain a healthy grass height for winter lawn care in Richmond– usually between two to three inches. Keeping the grass short adds to your protection against pests nesting in your lawn. Grass grows more slowly in the winter, so you will only have to cut it occasionally. Still, you should continue until it stops growing for the winter entirely.

Protecting Your Investment

Most plant species in Richmond, VA, do not fare well in frost weather. Ice kills and damages the plant structure as frozen water molecules build up in the cells. In extended freezes, H2O solidifies and expands within the cells, causing them to burst. 

To help with freeze damage, you can add mulch to flower beds, shrubbery, and tree footings. Mulch keeps plants from heaving or pushing themselves out of the ground due to the expansion and contraction of water molecules. It also prevents the soil from drying out during the thawing process and acts as an insulator to keep them warm. 

Another method for protecting your landscaping is to cover sensitive areas in burlap. Plastic tarps and sheets will trap cold air inside, so it is best to avoid these coverings when possible. Usually, this trick works alongside mulch to increase heat and regulate moisture. Protection is especially crucial for newly-planted seedlings.

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Top-Rated Arborists in Virginia are Waiting for Your Call

Winter Landscaping in Richmond, Virginia You Can Count On

Protecting your landscaping from the harsh Richmond, Virginia climate is not complicated, but it is necessary. Therefore, it is always best to bring in a professional to reduce the risk of injury or mistake. Professionals assure you that everything will be done correctly and to completion. At Aman Arbor and Yard, we have over 15 years of groundskeeping experience and boast quality, prompt, and meticulous service.

We always go above and beyond for our clients and commit to leaving your property cleaner than we found it. As a result, our cultivation specialists provide customer service experiences that outmatch our competition. So, if you are looking for a credible and trustworthy arborist, call Aman Arbor and Yard today for your Free quote!

Let us prove that we provide the best winter landscaping in all of Richmond, Virginia.

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